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The Underground and royalty all in one spot

The Underground and royalty all in one spot

24 Jun 2019 Damien Rullo Experiences, Travel Tips

I thoroughly enjoy my time in London each time I visit, there is always something new to see and do. When I go to London, I enjoy locating myself and staying as close to Oxford street as possible, whether its Marble Arch, Bayswater or even Notting Hill isn’t that far. If not, off Oxford Street itself.

Oxford Street is located in West London. This is where all the stores are, I would say it is like but on a bigger and longer scale to Burke Street Mall or Chapel Street in Melbourne. Very big spot for tourists to shop and be seen. 

On Oxford Street you will be able to go into the famous Selfridges and Marks & Spencer to name a few. All buildings are old and full of history. My other favourite street that crosses Oxford Street, is Regent Street. This street has the most beautiful buildings in all the cities I have travelled to, buildings hug the curvature of the streets and is one continuous view. Cafes and restaurants also line both Oxford and Regent Street. The BBC is located on Regent Street and too has a beautiful building to call home.

The reason I enjoy staying in this part of London, is because all the sights are close by. Staying in Bayswater is literally across the road from Kensington Palace, where Prince William and Princess Catherine live. Up the road is Notting Hill and Portobello Road Markets.

Going back to Kensington Palace, which is located in Hyde Park, you can walk through Hyde Park, you will get to Green Park, Green Park is next to Buckingham Palace.

Now, if you don’t like walking, all of these can be accessed by the underground (or tube) or double decker red buses. When I got the tube from Bayswater Station to Green Park Station, Buckingham Palace was on the left as I walked out of the station. Everything is so easy!

Then a few more stations away, you see Big Ben, London Bridge and Westminster Abbey. All transport can be accessed by the oyster card, similar to a Myki. So easy to purchase and use. Staff at the tube stations are so knowledgeable and are more than willing to assist any traveller.

The locals are so helpful and also very willing to assist. London though is a very busy city, don’t be surprised if people do not smile at you on the street, they are just getting on with their day. Unlike Melbourne, however, every street is used, the best pubs and restaurants are located on side streets and back roads, which are also just as busy as the main roads on London. London does pubs really well, and most are not dodgy or dirty at all, but classy and clean!

Everywhere you look there are people. Should you want to escape, you may drive a few hours south to a beach side town called Brighton. Brighton is quite a lively town with a famous pier, which houses fairs, events and restaurants etc. Old buildings can be found in Brighton too. 

Flying to United Kingdom, landing in London is easy. London has 5 airports, serviced by all major airlines. Flying through Asia or Middle East are the most common flight paths.

The tube connects London Heathrow and Gatwick Airports to Victoria Station, which is a major train station in central London, that then connects out to everywhere. If public transport is not your thing, right out the airport doors, are black cabs that you can easily take to your accommodation. 

I recommend taking an underground tube map, working out how to read it, which will literally take you 3 minutes, then it becomes clear and easy to use from then on. However, I also do recommend jumping on a double decker red bus and going for bit of a drive around London.

West London, is home to the famous West End, which is London’s theatre district. Why not stop by, go grab dinner and drinks at a fancy bar before seeing a theatre show?

There is something for everyone in London. When you think all is done, you may see a famous face or two walking the streets.

Travel tips

  • The currency in the UK is the pound



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