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Rome: pizza, wine and culture

Rome: pizza, wine and culture

06 Jun 2019 Damien Rullo Experiences, Couples, Family, Ocean Cruise, Tours, Travel Stories, Travel Tips

Italy is home of some amazing monuments, buildings, culture and food. When flying into Rome, take a transfer into the eternal city and drive by the ruins, giant buildings and natural formations.

My favourite area to stay when visiting Rome, is right near the Trevi Fountain. This area is bustling with people and tourists and has lots of restaurants. It is walking distance to Piazza Venezia, the Colosseum, and the Roman ruins of The Forum as well as the major shopping strips of Rome. 

The best places in Rome, in my opinion, are in the little back streets. Walking is common in Rome and mostly cars stay on the bigger, major roads.

In summer, my favourite thing to do is to slowly wonder through the back streets, that are lined with cafes, delis, cannoli stores and gelati stores. Every view you will see here, whether it is looking down a street or facing a building, are beautiful and is never boring.

The food in Rome is so fresh and delicious! If you are worried that you will put on weight whilst in the city, you won’t because you’ll be walking around all day!

Rome is full of piazzas, which are wide open areas surrounded by buildings and market stalls. You can buy espresso everywhere you look, and even more so in piazzas. I recommend finding a quiet spot to sit to rest your feet and people watch.

Beautiful during the day, Rome is also stunning at night. The lights on each building and monument look unbelievable and are a must-see. I recommend walking through the city during the day and then again at night, either independently or as part of a guided tour. Keep your belongings close though, Rome is famous for pick-pocketers. 

The whole of Italy is well connected by trains, and Rome has three train stations. The main station is Termini Station which has direct access to and from the airport, on a direct service. You can then easily connect to the north of Italy (Pisa, Venice, Milan and beyond). Connect to southbound routes to visit Naples, Amalfi Coast, Bari and Sicily. Northern Italy is all about fashion, architecture and history, whilst southern Italy is all about beaches, food and Italian culture.

The main international airports of Italy are in Milan, Venice, Bologna, Pisa, Florence, Rome, Naples, Calabria and Sicily. There are may itinerary options available for travellers, and Rome is the most common start city for an Italian adventure.

If cruising is your thing, then why not start a cruise from Italy? Departing Venice, Genoa or Rome, there is sure to be a cruise itinerary to suit!

There is a trip suitable for everyone in Italy, so why not start your planning today? 

Travel Tips

  • The currency in Italy is the Euro.
  • The summer months of June, July and August are the busiest, warmest and best time to go to Italy.

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