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“Oh, la, la” and escargot

“Oh, la, la” and escargot

24 Jun 2019 Damien Rullo Experiences, Travel Tips

I have never heard a bad word about Paris. My visits to France are full of food, family and excitement and I always make sure I visit something new each time.

Paris city is laid out like a snail, with the centre being arrondissement 1, and spiralling out clock wise to arrondissement 20. You may not be staying in the exact arrondissement as the landmark you are hoping to see, but you are never far away!

My favourite area to stay in is known as the Latin Quarter. This is in area 5, but obviously, area 4 is just as good! Everyone goes to Paris to visit the Eiffel Tower, this is not far from most areas, as it is in area 7. Again, Paris being a spiral shape, nothing is far away.

The Eiffel Tower allows visitors to climb up it or marvel from the base. It’s beautiful during the day and lights on it come up at night. Paris by night is a must see.

A secret when looking at addresses in Paris - the two last numbers of a post code will tell you what arrondissement it is located in. This is very useful when travelling to and from areas in Paris.

The Champs-Élysées is an avenue in arrondissement 8. This is generally lined with markets and stalls in the summer and a few in the winter. At the end of the Champs-Élysées, travellers can walk under the Arc de Triomphe. Take care, it is in the middle of traffic. For theatre lovers, this area is perfect for you.

The magical and historically beautiful church of Sacre Coeur is in arrondissement 18. To enter this church, travellers are told to take hats off and to have shoulders and knees covered. You are also not allowed to sit on the front steps of this church. It’s a great visit!

The Louvre Museum is also a very sort after tourist spot, located in area 1, and not far from area 6. The Louvre Museum is home to the famous Mona Lisa, which was painted in Florence, Italy, but housed in the Louvre, Paris. Tourists need a tour to get in, not because it’s a hard museum to navigate, but to avoid the lines. On any given day, you may be waiting a few hours to get in. The Louvre is closed on Christmas Day.

A few hours south, on the Cote d’Azur you’ll find the beach side town of Nice. I enjoy Nice, it’s home to a boardwalk but very lively, much like Portsea in Victoria. Nice has a casino and a pier, where it is the place to be seen. I stay in the centre of Nice, but nothing is too far away.

Paris and Nice are connected by the TGV fast train and it takes 5 hours. The trains are a great way to see the countryside, this train did not feel 5 hours long, and food and drink is served. Beautiful scenery etc.

In Nice, this is where you are able to go visit Monaco. Monaco is 26-minutes away. Monaco is its own country and is owned by the Royals of Monaco. I love Monaco. To get to Monaco, you can drive, you need to hire a car as there are number plate rules that must be adhered too. 

Monaco is a small country located south of France, it is basically built around a racing car track and roundabout. Just to give you an idea, the whole broader is approx. 6 km. The grand prix track actually forms the centre roundabout and lining this, you will find amazing delis, bakeries, cafes and restaurants. You can walk to the casino or the old town of Monaco, which is a must do. Day tours are great to do here, as this area is full of history and very beautiful, you may even see a royal. 

Along this south of France coastline, you will go past Marseille. This was my favourite stop on the train, very safe and comfortable, with a beautiful coastline. Then you will go past Cannes, this is world known for the film festival. Beautiful part of France and everything in these areas are very easy to get to and around.

Getting to France, you can fly into Paris and travel south or fly into Nice and travel north. Common routes are either via Asia or Middle East.

Why not visit London and Paris in the one holiday. The Eurostar connects both these great cities and in only 2 hours you may be trading a cup of tea for a baguette. Trains depart from St Pancras station in London and arrive into the Gare du Nord in Paris. Very comfortable and easy!

Travel tips

  • Currency used in France and Monaco is the euro
  • Tips are not compulsory


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